45 load penetration

Added: 12.05.2018

Duration: 7:6

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Load penetration 45
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Load penetration 45
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Load penetration 45
I have been reasoning penetration myself about getting another 45 Colt wheel gun but maybe it's time for a sorta heavy load ACP semi auto and I'm not in the mood for a Did I leave something out?
Load penetration 45
Gorilla Silverback 45ACP gr, FBI Penetration, 20 Round Box – Subsonic – Gorilla Ammunition
Load penetration 45
Unlike in a home defense situation, the ability to shoot through a wall, automobile, or various other objects in a combat scenario can be the difference between life and death.
Load penetration 45
Anyone know of any penetration tests for a standard Colt load?
Load penetration 45
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Load penetration 45
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Load penetration 45
45 ACP penetration.
Load penetration 45
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